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The Darkhour Corporation

Linda Suzane is posting about the Darkhour Corporation over at http://darkhourvampires.wordpress.com today, so I thought I would add my memories of that time. It was all Amanda's idea, she was the forward thinking one. In the company's history they describe Amanda as the well known San Francisco business woman. That she was.

Amanda arrived in San Francisco at the beginning of the Gold Rush with a fellow vampire, O'brien. Unfortunately, O'brien was shot over a gambling debt, leaving Amanda to fend for herself. She opened the only kind of business that was available to a woman, a brothel. Her upbringing as a lady of Southern breeding showed in her house.  Her business acumen turned it into a successful business, and she branched off into other ventures, prospering over the years.

Amanda was my aunt, sister to my father. I first met her when I was 10 and she returned to the South for a visit after the Civil War. Our family was in shambles. My mother had died in childbirth when I was a toddler, my older sisters had raised me. When the Civil War began my father and two brother went off to war, only one returned, my youngest brother, and he only half a man, crippled, with an amputated leg. We lost the plantation.

Amanda was kind to me, to all of us, generous with her help to me and the family. She told me if I ever needed anything to count on her.

My eldest sister, Hope, married a Northern, a minister. She took me to live with them. It is not a pleasant story, one I would rather not repeat, but at sixteen I was alone and desperate. Amanda took me in, gave me a home and choices. 

The Civil War had destroyed many of the vampire enclaves of the South. Amanda reached out to them, inviting them to join her in safety in California. Some agreed, including Sir Edmund Horn. He was studying genetics and how they relate to vampirism and working on solving the problem of vampire line instability.

It was Amanda's idea to incorporate primarily to raise money for Sir Edmund's research. So the Darkhour Corporation was formed. It prospered under Amanda's guidance.

Mother's Day

Vampires are sterile. We can't have children. It is something I sincerely regret. But we often adopt. Or sometimes we steal a child from its birth mother the way my friend Prane was forced to do. It is an old custom from when we didn't understand how vampires came into being. We thought killing the mother, which creates a bond between us and the child, would mean the child was more likely to survive the transition. It wasn't true, but it does create an unbreakable bond between the vampire and the child. Tonight I will spend with Prane. For while she loves her children, she is burdon with the guilt about what she did to get them. She will do everything in her power to keep them safe, to keep them from becoming vampires. And so will I.

The Birthing Process

Linda Suzane: I realized I needed to build a whole new networking circle for my vampire series, the thought is daunting to me, who never knows what to say on Twitter. I want someone more outgoing than me to stand up and shout about Wade and Prane and Darkhour Vampires. There is a blog I really like that interviews characters, such interesting things come out.

Like what just happened. Prane Emerson should be my alter ego, after all she has been since she was first conceived, not only that she is already a writer. 

I can conceive dialogues between Valentine and Prane, so maybe both. I did say maybe creating more friends.

Yes, that is what I'm going to do now.


Let me introduce myself. I am Valentine Dubree, a fictional character, created by Linda Suzane. If you will bear with me, while I learn my way around this new world of social networking. I hope you will become a friend.


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